Frequently Asked Photography Questions

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I’m yet to meet a couple that isn’t concerned about being ‘unphotogenic’. It’s my job to create an atmosphere that allows you to feel relaxed to be yourself, and when required, I give you enough direction on how to stand and pose to create images you will love. 

View my Style Guide for more info on preparing for your photoshoot.

I am so excited to take pictures of your wedding day, but I can’t do it unless you’re willing to give me 90 minutes for your Bridal shoot. I need you to be realistic about how much time you have and make sure you’ve factored in the time needed. I’ll help you capture your day the way it deserves to be captured!

I will always make sure the weather works in your favour – besides; grey skies make for delicious, moody backdrops

Here are some things to take into account:

  • The brilliant midday sun creates deep shadows, it’s critical that you request sunset as your wedding day timeline, so I can get the perfect shots. If it’s too bright and sunny, you’ll miss out on a killer experience.
  • End-of-day light creates a soft, natural look. A professional photographer’s favourite times of day are known as the golden hour and also the blue hour.

My photography Style Guide will help you prepare for your shoot. Most importantly, be in communication with me about anything you need and any questions you may have. I provide unlimited email/phone contact before your shoot.

Any fine-art photo albums that are pre-ordered with your wedding photography package, receive 20% discount.

Parent albums – small replicas of the wedding album – are available if printed at the same time as your wedding album. 

Visit my Albums Page

An engagement shoot is the best thing you can do before your wedding. It will increase your confidence and help you to get a better understanding of what to expect the day. Plus – it’s not as bad as you think! I see it every time; blokes are wanting to avoid it like the plague, while chicks are a bundle of nerves about how they will look. Every couple – I mean every single one – is astonished (and relieved!) by the outcome of an engagement shoot. So much so, it gets rid of the jitters, leading to the photos on the day. Worth every cent and moment of your time.

My photography packages give you the best value for money. You can also purchase additional hours with me @ $350/hr. 

Contact me directly to ask about the best package for you.

I have comprehensive business insurance. You will need to talk to an insurance broker should you wish for any further coverage.

Yes. You can never be too careful. I am more than prepared with multiple camera bodies and lenses should anything go wrong. I also have on hand additional full batteries and empty memory cards.

I especially love these events and will travel to wherever your wedding is located to capture your special day in your very special place. Contact me regarding your specific remote-location photography destination.

A one-hour free car travel is included in all my photography packages. Additional car travel time is charged at $50/hr. Flights and accommodation for interstate/international destinations are covered by the client. Contact me to discuss your wedding, family or business location.

The moment you get engaged, get in touch to determine availability. However, you can try to book as soon as you know your wedding date. 

My Deluxe Wedding package includes a COMPLIMENTARY engagement shoot.

View my Style Guide to help you prepare for your engagement shoot.

I have spent many years developing my style, when you book me, you book me to edit in my style not try to replicate someone else’s.

“…the instrument is not the camera, but the photographer.” – Eve Arnold