Fine-Art Wedding Albums & Frames

All the love, laughter & tears expertly captured, professionally edited & perfectly printed!

Receive up to 20% discount on your wedding album when you book a Classic or Deluxe Wedding Photography Package

“Sally, my husband and I got a wonderful surprise today when the album arrived!!! It is gorgeous I cried a few times and had to take the gloves off to dab my eyes. We got to relive my wedding day all over again. Sally you get the shot even if you have to stand on a chair or climb under a table. You made having photos taken (which I do not like) fun and enjoyable. They are everything that we wanted. Thank you so much.” – Leah & Justin

Wedding Album Packages

Wedding Album 1

$ 1850
  • Pre-order discount price $1,480
  • 40 x Pages
  • 100 x Images (11x14")
  • 1mm page weight
  • Linen/Faux Leather Cover
  • Extra spread $75 (approx. 6 images per page)

Wedding Album 2

$ 2642
  • Pre-order discount price $2,113
  • 48 x Pages
  • 120 x Images (11x14")
  • 2.5mm page weight
  • Leather Bound
  • Extra spread $92 (approx. 6 images per spread)

"Initially we didn’t want to spend the money on a physical photo album of our wedding photos at first. It seemed like a pointless outdated thing to do given we could have all the photos easily accessible on our phones and laptops. Sally was extremely convincing and we ended up buying one and we seriously love it - much more than I thought we would. The album sits in our living room and we always end up going through it when we have guests over. It’s actually such a lovely thing to have in our home and I look forward to handing it down to our children and grandchildren!" – Whitney & Matt